Science Explorers

Science Explorers is a FUN elementary science program for elementary aged students, grades K-6th.

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Classes will cover the worlds of physics, chemistry, and biology in alternating 5 week units. Each week, we'll do a 'deep dive' into a specific topic, such as magnetism, static charge, or chemical reactions. Every single hands-on class will be packed with activities, experiments, and demonstrations to ignite the imagination and maximize the potential of your future scientist!

Week Subject Topics
1 Physics Properties of light
2 Physics Color
3 Physics Sound
4 Physics Gravity and center of gravity
5 Physics Pressure, Pascal's law, Bernoulli's principle
6 Chemistry Chemical reactions
7 Chemistry Reaction rates and catalysts
8 Chemistry Polymers
9 Chemistry Intermolecular forces
10 Chemistry Gas laws
11 Biology DNA
12 Biology Proteins
13 Biology Cells
14 Biology Osmosis, difusion
15 Biology Viruses
16 Physics Magnetism
17 Physics Static charge
18 Physics Stored charge
19 Physics Circuits
20 Physics Heat
21 Biology Muscular, skeletal systems
22 Biology Circulatory, respiratory systems
23 Biology Nervous system
24 Biology Digestive, renal systems
25 Biology Ecology
26 Chemistry Chemical bonding
27 Chemistry Phases of matter
28 Chemistry Acid/base reactions
29 Chemistry Electrochemistry
30 Chemistry Heat of reaction