Tuition payment must be made by check or credit card by the 1st of every month (9 months, September through May). A 25.00 NSF fee will be charged for returned checks to cover our bank fees.

All tuition and registration fees are 100% non-refundable.

Once you have registered for a course, you are required to do one of the following:

(a) Pay all tuition in advance via cash, check, or paypal (debit/credit). If using paypal to make a full payment, just use the 'send money' option and enter my email (docreid@thinkingreeds.com) when prompted. If you prefer Venmo, use @Brian-Reid-602. Zelle users can find me using 972-978-3091.

(b) Provide pre-written, post-dated checks for each month's tuition (bring to first day of class). All checks should be dated for the first of the month. If your pay schedule makes the first of the month a hardship, please let me know and we can work out an alternate monthly due date.

(c) Setup automated monthly payments through your bank. Please provide us with documentation of your pre-authorized payments on the first day of class.

(d) Pre-authorize regular debit/credit card payments. Go here: http://thinkingreeds.com/tuition/. Select your class, click 'subscribe', and follow the Paypal instructions to make 9 installment payments. There's not a way to bundle classes, so please setup a subscription for each course you are enrolled in. Since your 'subscription' will begin when you authorize payment, the deadline to setup credit/debit card payments is September 1st. You are welcome to start payments any time before September 1st. Your tuition will be paid early in full on the 9 month anniversary of whatever day you choose to enroll.

(e) Early payment discount: Enjoy a 10% discount on all tuition paid IN FULL by June 1st. You can take advantage of this offer using cash, check (mailed to 1301 Edgefield Dr. Plano, 75075), or paypal (debit/credit).  If using paypal to make a full payment, just calculate your savings and use the 'send money' option, entering my email (docreid@thinkingreeds.com) when prompted.  If you prefer Venmo, use @Brian-Reid-602. Zelle users can find me using 972-978-3091.

All tuition and registration payments are non-refundable. If a student drops a class with unpaid subscription payments or pending post-dated checks, these forms of payment can be canceled. However, students who drop a class without paying tuition in full will not be permitted to rejoin Thinking Reeds for 2 years. Thinking Reeds does not charge a lab fee. All lab supplies are provided free of additional charge. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to us in regards to tuition. Our family is thankful for the opportunity to serve your family. Every one of these policies are the result of over 10 years of learning things the hard way.


You can verify which book(s) you need in the course descriptions here: http://thinkingreeds.com/2023-2024-schedule/. Books may have been updated from the time that you registered. All required books are available used via amazon (use the provided ISBN numbers), generally for under 20 dollars. Be sure to get the 'student edition' where applicable.

Do you have a book you'd like to sell to an incoming student? Would you rather purchase your book from a local homeschool family? Use our new Book Exchange!

Go here: thinkingreeds.com/books

You'll need to setup a forum account before you can post your book. Please indicate in your comment the cost and condition of the book along with your approximate location. Use the private messaging function to exchange personal information. Be sure to either delete the original post or update it in comments when your book is no longer available.

Online access:

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MATH STUDENTS! Please do not try to setup online access using the code that comes with your math book. I will setup all MathXL accounts on the first day of class. If you purchase a used math book, you will need to send your student to class with 25.00 cash or check (made out to me) or a credit card so that I can setup a MathXL account. Your one-time payment goes directly to Pearson, but doing so we avoid mass confusion and a myriad of issues.

Other than MathXl for math classes, the only online access you will need is to our course management system, Canvas. Your student will leave the first class with his/her login information. No work is due on the first day of class.

Parent Communication (Upper Level Classes):

Due dates for all work are clearly communicated in your Canvas course. Student account id's and passwords are to be shared with parents. Parents are invited and encouraged to check your student's progress and grades on a weekly basis. Final grade reports for your records will be issued after the school year ends.

Please notify me via email before the first day of class of any airborne or contact allergies that I need to be aware of for this year (latex, eggs, milk, nuts, etc.).

Note that I pull emails from your registration for communications. If you have a more preferred email address that I should use (maybe you signed up with an 'online shopping' email that you don't check frequently), let me know!


No school supplies are needed for elementary science classes. Please do not send your littles to science class in their best clothes. Tide won't work on the stuff we'll be doing.

For upper level classes, students are required to bring loose-leaf college ruled paper in a dedicated binder and a writing utensil to every class. All math, chemistry, and physics classes require a scientific calculator capable of computing exponents, logarithms, and trig functions. I recommend the TI-30X IIS or similar. A graphing calculator is even better if it fits in your budget. In that case, I recommend the TI-84 Plus or similar. Geometry students are required to bring a compass, protractor, and ruler to each class for constructions. Chemistry students are required to bring the laminated periodic table that I will provide.