Physical Science Book

Prentice Hall Science Explorer: Physical Science, 2009 (ISBN-10: 0133668606)

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  • Anyone interested in selling a physical science book? Thanks.


  • I have one that is in very good condition. Happy to sell for $20.

  • Thanks. I will take it. Just tell me the next step. Thanks.

  • @homesuzan I’m so sorry! I don’t get notifications about this forum (can’t figure out how to turn them on). I have already sold the book! I hope someone else comes along with another one for sell!!

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    I have this for sale, $10, good condition -- text is clean other than a few marks on insides of covers, book corners are worn.

    We're in NE Richardson near Renner & Brand. Email me if you're interested

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    I have a physical science book good condition

    email me at


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    I have a physical science book, fair condition. $5

  • Any one have this physical science book for sell?

  • Hi I have a Physical Science book available in good condition.

  • Hi Kathy are you still looking for Physical Science book? I have 1 available

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