Thinking Reeds Covid-19 Plan

Thinking Reeds is committed to providing the highest quality math and science instruction possible throughout the 20/21 school year, regardless of what circumstances arise as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

My personal goal for this year is to use the inherent agility and flexibility of Thinking Reeds, along with my years of experience working with hundreds of students, to turn what would be a year of adversity into the BEST year so far in your student’s math and science education.  Seeing what was possible during the spring quarantine, and after receiving so much positive feedback from parents and students, I firmly believe that this goal is attainable.

Summary: A Flexible Hybrid Approach

1. The default and hope will be face to face meetings throughout the year. Barring circumstances outside of my control, our doors will be open and your student is invited to come in for face-to-face classes.

2. In addition to the face-to-face format, all classes will be available via live broadcast throughout the year. Hands on experiments for at-home students will be performed synchronously with the face-to-face class. At home students will be not just be passive observers, but active participants, joining in class discussion and called on to answer questions and perform calculations.


In order to streamline implementation of our new hybrid classroom, I will be asking for 6 week commitments for anyone taking advantage of the online option so that I can prepare hands-on materials for curbside pickup.

Because many materials are normally shared among a small lab group, especially in the upper level classes, and because of the added cost of packaging those materials, there will be an additional 20 dollar fee due upon registration for each 6 week block of online classes that you reserve.  If that new supply fee creates a hardship for your family, please let me know.

Below are the deadlines for registering for online format classes.  You will register for these separately using the same system that you used to enroll in classes.

Online Session Sign-up Deadline Curbside Pickup
I: 8/24-9/28 3-Aug 22-Aug
II: 10/5-11/16 14-Sep 3-Oct
III: 11/30-1/25 26-Oct 28-Nov
IV:2/1-3/22 11-Jan 30-Jan
V: 3/29-5/3 8-Mar 27-Mar

Questions and Answers:

What if there is another government mandated closing of schools?

  • In that event, Thinking Reeds would lawfully close and classes here would continue in the online format.  Short of such a mandate, we will be open.

What steps are in place to keep kids who attend face to face classes safe?

  • Work areas, door handles, and bathroom fixtures will be sanitized at regular intervals throughout the day.   Hand sanitizer will be used by students upon entry and exit. Non-contact forehead temperature will be screened upon entry.

Will face coverings be required?

  • As long as we are under a government mandate to wear masks, those same rules will apply in the classroom.  If the mandate is lifted, masks will be encouraged but not required.  I will be wearing a mask.

Will there be social distancing?

  • Every effort will be made to keep students from having direct physical contact, but you should assume that students won't be socially distant.

Will you follow a modified calendar if PISD does so?

  • No. Thinking Reeds already starts later than PISD, ends sooner, has a fall break, has a full week at Thanksgiving, and has an extra week off at Christmas and Spring break.  Our calendar is already more Covid ready than any public school modified calendar.

What is the protocol if someone in class tests lab positive?

  • Based on the assumption that I could be positive, two weeks of online only classes would follow.

What if Dr. Reid tests positive for Covid-19?

  • As with any lab positive test, two weeks of online only classes would follow. Face to face classes would resume after two weeks IF at that point I receive a negative (all-clear) lab result.  If I test positive and I become too sick to teach, make-up classes would be scheduled in May.

If I register for a 6 week online block, can I still attend class face-to-face during that time?

  • Yes, you are always welcome to join class face to face.

If class moves online due to a positive test or government mandate, will everyone get curbside pickup of experiments?

  • Assuming that I am well enough to teach, classes will continue uninterrupted for two weeks without take-home experiments.  After two weeks of such a shutdown, everyone would get curbside experiment pick-up moving forward for the duration of the event.

(Updated 7/30/20)