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"Man is but a reed, but he is a thinking reed."
Blaise Pascal
scientist, theologian, and original Thinking Reed

Thinking Reeds provides a comprehensive math and science program for homeschoolers of all ages in Plano, Texas, and surrounding areas.  High school and middle school students meet once per week for classroom instruction and lab, complete web based homework assignments and exams at home.  Younger Thinking Reeds students have fun learning through experimentation the order and beauty in creation that could only have come from God's infinitely creative mind.  Weekly hands-on science classes for elementary students feature all original content, always fun and engaging.  The 4th -6th grade program includes optional online reading and homework assignments with automated grading. 
We exist to support parents in their commitment to homeschool their children through high school.  It is often in the high school years that many parents feel they have reached the end of their ability to teach their children at home, especially when it comes to advanced math and science.  Yet, the high school years are probably the most formative years in a child's life to date and the time when they are most subject to negative peer influence, both of which mean that these are the years when it is most important for parents to stay the course in their decision to homeschool.

We do not exist to train future scientists and engineers, or to improve the chances of your child getting into the college of their choice, or to improve their chances of securing scholarship funds or CLEP'ing out of their first year of science courses, although each of these may be a latent benefit of the time and effort your child spends at Thinking Reeds.  

Instead, Thinking Reeds holds to the central academic dogma, that all knowledge is at some level knowledge of God, and therefore good.  To the student in every class who invariably asks, when am I ever going to use this stuff?, we say, not everything you learn needs to be useful to be worthwhile.  We believe that the study of science is important because it reveals the created order in nature that could only have come from a divine mind and purpose.  And we affirm that this created order that we see ever more clearly the more we learn through science is not the handiwork of an impersonal god, but rather the ongoing work of the divine Logos Himself, Jesus, through whom all things were made and without whom nothing was made. (John 1:3)  Thinking Reeds was started in obedience to His calling and by His grace we will continue to follow His lead for His glory.